No. 1

As this is my first mini-essay, I’ll introduce myself by saying that I’m not aligned with any party or ideology, unless you count Taoism, but of course, that is unknowable. My purpose here is to deconstruct simple notions and ferret out the rationale that a person might attribute to them.

I believe we live in the most complex time, (not necessarily the most enlightened or advanced) riddled with many forms of expression, especially verbal and textual. The age of super-socialization is upon us, which may be a more accurate title than the technological revolution because what good is the technology without our incessant conversations and the result of our expedited social manifestations and activities. We must task ourselves with using the most perspicacious language to escape the tyranny of ourselves and of technology, and plain incivility.

Instead of assaulting or responding to another person whose ideas differ from your own, write a poem, write a book, keep a journal, or make any other kind of art; it’s better that you feel better than you try to persuade some one individual who has become dogmatically bigoted and hopeless, like so many others.

If you think about it, we still exist in tribes; enormous tribes of cultural understanding, entrenched in naive realism, even if there is a sliver of truth in the current that carries any one of them. I am saying that, as a contrarian, I do not agree with any group but I may agree with an idea.

Our titles might give us a sense of solidarity but we can just look back upon the pages of history and see that many less savory coalitions of women and men had solidarity and forgot the meaning of equality, humanity, stewardship, and so on. The weaknesses of human beings come from within, and an individual with great weakness can easily plaster an ideological affiliation all over their persona and not have the true capability of effecting positive change, social growth, and sustainability.

I keep up with the news about as much as I keep up with sports, the largest highlights might permeate my thinking, but otherwise there’s just too much to know and keep up with and it’s not as important as being healthy, at peace, and uncluttered.

With each column, I’d like to open and explore a topic, rhetorically. This recurring discourse might consider timely and appropriate matters, or it might consider grandfathered systems of thought that some of us have been conditioned to no longer even see above the subconscious level.

To finish out my introductory statement, I’ll pose a few questions that I hope the smartest and kindest people in society will start answering for themselves.

What good is our government, or any style of government, if the checks and balances of multi-level and multi-branch departments or offices are no longer actively regulating authoritarian decisions, while also the size and diversity of the population is no longer represented efficaciously by a few wealthy or biased bureaucrats? What are the alternatives? Is it impossible to return to a simpler time without as much reliance on large scale civilization?

A friend of mine suggests that such advances in civilization have brought about positive change for those who would otherwise be disenfranchised, enslaved, or devalued. While she is absolutely correct, she is speaking about the past and not the future. We can still have shared knowledge and social progress while returning to a simpler, less complex way of living, less dependent on the commodities that we are bound to unnecessarily. The American Indians, like many other groups across the globe, maintained a vast, artisanal culture with minimal use of metal. Can we, using all the resources and technology we have at our disposal today, escape from our monotonous systems to become enlightened and peaceful animals on the planet which created us?



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